Arcania Sanctum

Arcania Sanctum is a kingdom on the east of the northern continent, with Eternal Void on the west and the Scarlet Order on the east, separated by Arcania Ocean. It is a part of the Celestine Empire. The Kingdom is renown for its arcana and is the most technologically advanced country in the whole empire.

Arcania’s capital lies in Ardem, it is ruled by a constitutional monarchy, with 6 states under it, Blazing Sun, Everlasting Wind, Crystal Water, Eternal Fire, Dusty Earth, and Shimmering Moon. Each state is controlled by an Archmage, the kingdom itself is led by The Archmage King Rhaine Hedwick and he controls the Archmage Senate in Ardem.

Arcania’s climate is arctic, although in the capital, the weather is often regulated by special weather wizards to support the educational purpose and not to hinder research and development.

Arcania’s export mostly magical items, staffs, rods, wands, orbs, they also import steels and irons. Arcania also imports technologies and expert helps such as researchers and wizards.

Having chosen technology and arcane development, the country is the least militaristic compared to the other kingdom in the empire. It only has its state guards.

Arcania is the birthplace of Steam Technology, having incorporated steam into most of the production and transportation, Arcania has developed an unique system. Although the technology is still in it’s infant state, nevertheless it has been the subject of study and research of many wizards.

Arcania Sanctum

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