The port city Karom was said to be named after an ancient dragon. The dragon Karom made her lair and then went into slumber, the place where her lair is used to be is the busy city of Karom.

The reason why Karom is a popular destination is that it is the transit harbor to the neighbouring country, and it acts a sorta gateway for merchants to go further north or to continue to the western continents. Many merchants hailing from as far as Seven Shrine comes to rest here and therefore Karom is a busy trading place even though it is located in one of the most inhospitable place in the northern region.

Another reason is that Karom is in close proximity of Afira, mining goods and produced goods rather than going north to Ardem is traded here.

The temperature in Karom is frantic, it can be scorching hot in the noon, or it can be freezing cold in the noon. This mysterious effect is due to the incident that happened in Dusty Earth centuries ago, the scientists are still trying to figure it out.


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