KTK or as the nicknamed Kubus Bertangan Berkaki [Cube with arms and legs] is the prototype “steam construct” for which future steam construct will be based upon.

It stands at 3 meters,with a primitive engine that infuses both mana and steam to propel its arms and legs, by which the controller will determine the movement. It’s main purpose is to help in labour, since not everyone can use normal magic.

A few smugglers have managed to made a combat version of KTK, they made the KTK armored shell into thick metal and uses it to channel spells. They also implemented bladed arm, so that the KTK can punch through walls.

The KTK is now a discarded project, its first prototype can be found in Ardem museum. The predecesor of this project is ARC or the Arcanian Rotor Contraption.


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